Hi, I’m Jenny and welcome to my blog about all things baking and cooking! Why create a blog you ask? Well simple I believe desert makes everything better. Who can stay sad or upset with a cookie or piece of pie in their hand? Noone that’s crazy! I’ve been baking since I was in my teens, and love to share my creations with family and friends. 

I married my husband, John,  in 2014. He is my biggest supporter and fan. When they say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach it’s true. My husband is the living proof. He is a plumber with a local plumbing company, so always has an appetite. As do his many friends that come around. 

I currently work full time as a caseworker, but bake in my spare time. Follow my blog for easy, creative, and always tasty recipes. Every recipe shared is one that I have personally made, and they have received great reviews.